Look Like a Million Bucks … for $195: Th

Look Like a Million Bucks … for $195: The world’s most expensive Cognac recently sold in New York, a $156,700 … http://wp.me/p2UMng-eW


Hot Shots

SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! Whether you “do” them or “take” them, you’re buying them and in huge volumes. Shots are the great equalizer, washing out of the way anything that stands between you and a good time. If it got any more primal, you’d be drinking from the bottle! You savages …

Ready to make your own cinnamon-infused whiskey? Place five cinnamon sticks into a 750-milliliter bottle of whiskey and refrigerate for 3-5 days, keeping in mind that some cinnamon is stronger than other. Start tasting after two days, and when you like it, double-strain out the solids and seal it in a bottle. To serve, add 1½ ounces to an 8-ounce rocks glass or 2 ounces with a quality ice cube –Image

Look Like a Million Bucks … for $195

The world’s most expensive Cognac recently sold in New York, a $156,700 bottle of single-harvest, pre-phylloxera 1858 Croizet Cuvée Léonie. And you won’t be drinking it. But for less than the cost of a round of shots for a giggly bachelorette party, you can be waited on, served by tray, and skulk around a manly lounge, snifter of Cognac in hand. Club Privé, Bellagio’s high-limit gaming lounge, has launched a new Cognac service exclusively for Remy Martin Louis XIII, serving it in three sizes: 1½ ounce for $395, 1 ounce for $260 and ¾ ounce for a more wallet-friendly $195. Here’s how it goes down: From its individually numbered Baccarat crystal decanter, the Cognac will be measured out into a Louis XIII shot glass. It’s then transferred to a Louis XIII snifter and served on a silver tray along with an iPad that plays a short informational presentation on the Cognac’s history and detailed tasting notes. Now all you have to do is make ¾ of an ounce last while you contemplate your next move: Absinthe with that off-duty cocktail server or a new tattoo with last night’s busser?

by: Xania Woodman

Ask Rafael: Thanksgiving Picks! Best Wine

Hi Rafael. Every Thanksgiving, the same boring wines are suggested to have during dinner. I noticed that you have good suggestions on what to try. Any suggestions? Amy


Howdy Amy! Rosé always finds its way on a Thanksgiving dinner table because rosé can pair with anything. But this is a fun time to explore odd rosés. Instead of a dry still or sparkling rosé, try a lightly sparkling sweeter rosé 

Rafael xoxo

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